Inciting bad attitudes for a better America

Hidden agenda

In America, greed backed by power has eroded fairness, dignity, opportunity and economic security for all but a favored few. This website aims to inspire, educate and motivate people to change that, especially people who believe they're powerless to make a difference. Fortunately, they're mistaken.

To wield power, individuals must band together into organized groups - block clubs, neighborhood associations, voting blocs, unions, congregations, single-issue groups and political parties. You can learn here from the examples of others how to do that by using the tools of democracy, especially the freedoms of speech and assembly.

But be prepared for backlash. The more active and successful you are, the more likely you'll be accused of having a bad attitude. Consider it a compliment!

People with so-called bad attitudes have propelled some of the biggest advances in society by challenging conventional wisdom, defying authority and protesting injustice.

Who's behind this?

Just one person. Who I am is not important, but here are a few facts.

Like so many people, I've been sidelined to a marginal existence of low-income, part-time jobs. Despite a master's degree, years of experience and awards for success, there no longer is a market for my skills. I have no health insurance, no pension, no savings and no good prospects for employment. My working life since college has coincided with a long decline in average wages relative to living costs, the gutting of unions and the triumph of corporate power. There will be no retirement for me, just a hard struggle to keep from losing my home and sliding into an old age of deprivation. 

But it wasn't until I worked for a year in Beijing that I got really alarmed by what has happened in the United States. Chinese citizens have no means of bettering their circumstances. A few are allowed to get very rich in return for not challenging those in power. The rest labor under economic exploitation and pervasive surveillance. Anyone attempting to speak out suffers arrest, beatings and imprisonment.

The Chinese actually have a constitution guaranteeing their freedoms of speech and assembly, but no chance to use them. We have the same guarantees plus the ability to use them, but too often don't bother. Just voting every few years is not enough.

The only way to improve our lives and safeguard our democracy is to exercise our rights to their fullest before they wither or are snatched away from lack of use.

Get informed, get mad, get organized and get busy.

Graphic from Adbusters
Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will.
Frederick Douglass

Bad attitudes are not the problem. Rigged rules, entrenched privilege, self-serving leaders, and religious and political ideologues are the problem.
Americans are being driven in the name of "competitiveness" toward the same state of impoverished oppression under entrenched power and privilege as that afflicting the Chinese.