Inciting bad attitudes for a better America

"Saving civilization is not a spectator sport."
Lester Brown
Inflammatory Literature

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Bright-Sided: How the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America, by Barbara Ehrenreich; the ugly truths about positive thinking include personal self-blame and national denial.

Willful Blindness: Why we ignore the obvious at our peril, by Margaret Heffernan; describes how a refusal to see reality or to consider alternative opinions leaves us narrower-minded and vulnerable to disasters that could have been avoided.

The Ecology of Commerce, by Paul Hawken; proposes a new set of business objectives that begin with reducing consumption and adding jobs.

The Great American Jobs Scam, by Grey LeRoy; describes the myth of job creation in return for community tax breaks to corporations.

Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson; exposes the dangers of pesticides to all living beings.

Gaia, by J.E. Lovelock; presents a hypothesis that the entire earth, its atmosphere and all life on it comprise one self-regulating organism.

Small is Beautiful, by E.F. Schumacher; urges rejection of "growthmania" in favor of production and consumption that enhance self-reliance, self-help, health, beauty and permanence.

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, by Thom Hartman; describes what will happen when the world runs out of oil and what we can do about it.

The Turner Diaries, by William L. Pierce writing as Andrew Macdonald; a how-to manual for violent fascist revolution, it reveals the mental process which produces fanatics willing to commit mass murder and acts of terrorism.

A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. What you didn't learn from the official version in textbooks. This is American history from the perspective of Native Americans, indentured servants, slaves, working people and all those not among the privileged few.

Looking Up At The Bottom Line: The Struggle For The Living Wage, by Richard R. Troxell. Part memoir, part call-to-action on how to end homelessness in America.

Double-Speak, by William Lutz; describes how government, business and advertising use language to hide their real intents and purposes.


Five Basic Steps to Organizing a Union, by the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers; outlines the basic steps in creating a union in your workplace.
Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals, by Saul Alinksy; the legendary community organizer describes the tactics and theory behind creating grassroots groups and successfully challenging power.

Citizen Advocate Handbook, by Defenders of Wildlife. A guide explaining how to work with Congress, the media and your community.

Troublemakers Handbook 2, by Labor Notes, a monthly magazine. A manual for workers who want to change conditions in their workplaces.

Common Sense, The Age of Reason, The Rights of Man, by Thomas Paine; America's first political writer discusses revolution, religion and human rights.

Get Political for Animals,  by Julie E. Lewin; a step-by-step manual on how to form a voting bloc and use it to win local and state laws. Useful for activists of any cause.

Pity the Billionaire, by Thomas Frank. Describes how right-wingers successfully hijacked progressive tactics to confound and bamboozle the public by presenting themselves as "victims" of liberal conspiracies.

Tear Down This Myth: The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan Legacy, by Will Bunch. Published in 2009 and even more relevant today as Republican presidential candidates claim their policies are descended from those of Reagan.

Thunder on the Right, by Alan Crawford; analyzes the ideologies and tactics of right-wing backlash politics.

What Happened, by Scott McClellan; a former White House press secretary describes the culture of deception, politics-as-war philosophy and personal presidential shortcomings that destroyed George Bush's credibility.

Letter from a Birmingham jail, by Martin Luther King, Jr. A treatise on the methods and morality of nonviolent direct action.

ACLU Guide to Civil Disobedience at Public Universities; an introduction to students' rights in disciplinary matters and advice on how to navigate their schools' systems.

Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau; an essay protesting government interference with individual liberty.

Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson; a statement to the world explaining the abuses of power that gave Americans the right and the duty to seek independence from Great Britain.

The Woman's Bible, by Elizabeth Cady Stanton; critiques the male-centric chapters that refer to women or make them "prominent by exclusion."

The Art of Anonymous Activism: Serving the public while surviving public service, from Public Employees for Environmental Responsiblity; how to expose wrongdoing at a public agency without sacrificing your job.

The Corporate Whistleblower's Survival Guide, from the Government Accountability Project; strategies for exposing corporate misconduct and legal protections for whistleblowers.

The Whistleblower's Handbook, By Stephen Martin Kohn; a step-by-step guide to using the rules and laws that protect those who expose misconduct.

"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."
Martin Luther King, Jr.
makes the bad
seem good, the negative appear positive, the unpleasant appear attractive or at
least tolerable."
William Lutz
"Your voice and your passion are the most effective tools you have."
Defenders of Wildlife
"Every issue group that wields power in the lawmaking arena does so through voting blocs, not through charities or individuals who plead their case on the merits."
Julie E. Lewin

"(Some) say it is not politic to rouse religious opposition. This much-lauded policy is but another word for cowardice."
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
"There is an underside to every age about which history does not often speak, because history is written from records left by the privileged."
Howard Zinn

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from the Congressional Budget Office


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