Inciting bad attitudes for a better America

  Hall of Shame
Fred Phelps and his family, AKA the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas - Phelps and his "congregation" picket the funerals of American soldiers with hate-speech signs such as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates Your Feelings." They claim these soldiers' deaths are God's punishment of America for tolerating homosexuality.
                                                     Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO of                                                General Elctric, chairman of  the President's                                   Council on Jobs and Competitiveness   -                                          Total compensation in 2010: $15.2 million;                                                  company profits worldwide in 2010: $14.2                                                  billion; corporate taxes paid that year: zero.
Carry Buck and the Winnetka Home Owners Association -
Buck, shown here in her second home in Florida, and the WHOA are fighting a plan to build housing that would be affordable to the wealthy suburban Chicago village's teachers, police officers and shopkeepers. WHOA denounced the plan as un-American and said it would attract criminals and people looking for hand-outs. "Winnetka doesn't have any eligible places to put them," Buck told the Chicago Tribune.
Terry Jones, pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida - Jones staged a mock trial of the Koran and burned a copy of Islam's sacred book after it was found "guilty." As a result, mobs in Afghanistan killed 16 people and injured 90 during three days of rioting. - People full of fear and hate denouncing liberals as enemies, traitors and terrorists who hate America. The site provides a list of "targets" such as teachers, environmentalists, anti-war groups, animal-rights activists and the entire city council of Berkeley, Cal., right down to photos and addresses. Coyly noting that "One person can make a big difference!" it provides everything needed for lone wingnuts to attack those listed.
If you must hold yourself up to your children as an object lesson, hold yourself up as a warning and not as an example.
George Bernard Shaw

People demonstrating exceptional greed, heartlessness, hatred, lust for power, fearmongering, lack of scruples or complete indifference to the ideal of fair play:

Newt Gingrich, Jeffrey Immelt, Carry Buck and the Winnetka Home Owners Association, Terry Jones,, Fred Phelps and family, Donald Trump

Donald Trump The Mouth deserves mention for the towering ego and utter lack of shame that led him to use a presidential campaign as a self-promotional ploy.
Big money's best friend: While maintaining a line of credit at Tiffany's, Newt Gingrich was running for president on a platform that includes eliminating the capital gains tax, "dramatically reducing the corporate income tax" and ending inheritance taxes.